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officeAutomata was born in 2015 with the belief that the current tools available for documenting work don't reflect the current needs of businesses. We are spreadsheet tracking pioneers with a deep understanding of Microsoft Excel and office tooling needs. We enable inter-organizational big data.

Our team is comprised of amazing programmers, experienced subject matter experts, online user experience experts, and marketing and accounting consultants. We live and breathe everything and anything happening in enterprise tooling and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology.

We aim to always be 5 steps ahead of the crowd.


Meet the Executive Team

Jeremiah Jeschke, Founder

As a former US Air Force Officer & as a program management consultant for US Air Force satellite programs, Office and Excel were my main tools for work. I've started officeAutomata because I wanted a tool to track and automate parts of my previous work and because I was frustrated that the tools to track and automate weren't approachable to me as non-developer then. My complete focus is on creating a fantastic product experience. When not programming or talking to clients I spend my time with my cooking and traveling.

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