Integrated AI Automation Means...

Capturing every single user action in the background without needing to switch modes  between tools and features

Users do not need training in order for the AI to record user actions. There are no complex user interfaces or data flow engineering

Single task AI's like OCR, Image Recognition, & Text Analysis are seamlessly trained and integrated into the core AI.

Users can be prompted with AI automation routines as the AI tracks their workflow and finds repetitive processes

  Integrated AI is about fusing multiple types of AI's & interfaces into a central system. That central system is our AI, controlling & supported by the interfaces, tools and single task AI's at work in web, desktop and documents.


What is Artificial Intelligence and when is it real?



"Here’s what we look for... (in an AI company): Are they doing more than basic data analysis? Are they creating their own data...? Do they use this data to create systems that constantly get smarter...? Do they have iterative technology that reduces the need for humans in the loop?" - Arif Janmohamed, Fortune.

  When asking these questions, consider what is available and how products are marketed. Is an RPA that enables you to use Google's OCR an AI? How about one that allows you to subscribe to Amazon's Text Analysis? These are middle-man tools which are secondary features. 

  Our Automation is AI driven.  We take process data and put through our AI to produce automation routines.  We go beyond basic data analysis. Our Automation is a product of our analysis, tools and Deep Learning AI, and creates automations based on your process data.  The point of this is to create a system that is capable of learning more from the information it is constantly being sent in real time.  This enables the AI to reduce the need for employee's time dedicated to completing tasks.

  We approach the problem of AI in a fundamentally different, and demonstrably superior, way. Since our algorithms are continually re-adjusting based on the huge quantities of usage data being ingested, we never need to “re-spec” the automation suite ( expensive, inflexible and slow...).  The AI adjusts on an as-needed basis with no visible difference or disruption to the worker

  AI in today's market place follows a trend of being more than they are actual capable of or being less than they actually are.  Some of what is being marketed as AI is as intelligent as an assembly line machine, which is only capable of doing the task it was designed and told to do.  In understanding what Artificial Intelligence is, you'll find what you need for your business to advance and avoid what might be falsely advertised as AI.  

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