AI Process Discovery

Understanding the processes used to complete tasks are a big part of being able to properly manage those tasks. AI Process Discovery can help map those details.

This can help save time and lower costs by being able to identify each step apart of a process that completes a computer based task. The objective of the software is to improve efficiency of employees by streamlining labour processes by being able to understand and map the necessary steps to do a job.

AI Process Discovery will help reveal all your computer based business processes.


AI Training

Process Discovery uses AI to learn the best methods of finding trends and patterns. The AI learns through repetition and produces different results for varied inputs.    

Process Details

This is the ability of Process Discovery to not only find the necessary steps to complete a task, but to give detailed information about the processes.    

Process Graphs

When Process Discovery has completed running through a set data amount, it will be able to produce graphs to visualize that data for management reports.    

-Process Summary

-Process Details

-Process Discovery Map

Process Discovery

AI Process Discovery works on its own as a discovery tool for those looking to understand, trace and map their work processes. Uncovering the shortest track to accomplishing a task starts at discovering and understanding all the work processes. Process Discovery is a software investigation into computer based work aimed at increasing performance.




AI Process Discovery is best used in conjunction with User Activity Tracking and officeAutomata’s RPA tools to create Intelligent Automations. The main goal of OA’s Process Discovery is to take the data collected by User Tracking and organize it so that it can be automated. The necessary processes to accomplish tasks are identified by AI Processes Discovery and are used to help generate automations.

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