Oversee and Organize

Automation management tools enable appointed users to distribute automations, control group access, track AI learning and more.

  These tools and features are available through the dashboard that is installed with OfficeAutomata.  


Automation Management Tools

These are the tools and features available to oversee processes, tasks and deadlines.

Data Dashboard

Check ongoing AI training, automations, efficiency and live statistics. Set notifications when automations have completed or changed. 

AI Training Hub

Check the confidence of trained AI's on particular processes, image recognition or OCR. Test the AI's automation on processes before they go live. 

Data Logger

View the AI data capture event stream throughout your processes. Edit, save or run once-off automations. 

Automation Hub

Manage all available user saved automations. Run, edit, merge or delete automations. Set automations to be run on Virtual Machines autonomously. 

Group Management

Manage access to automations for user groups, as well as user or group permissions to view, edit, merge, or run automations.  

PDF/Image Viewer

View PDF documents and multiple images from any file location. Run accurate OCR on PDF's and Images. 

Scheduling Hub

Set an automation on a schedule or triggers for specific times. Advanced UNIX Cron jobs can be supported.

Live User Tracker

Track live user workflows and data capture, view ongoing automations, error checking, automation recommendations, and work between users.  

Web Browser

Run an AI automation-enable web browser on user’s systems, through a Remote Desktop Connection or virtual machine.

Automation Management as A process

Because our Automation is data-driven by users, the management of automations is vital in developing automation for the enterprise.

Automation management ensures that all automations being learned and used are relevant to your organization. It includes the ability to filter, sort, expand or collapse automation fields. Knowing when it is necessary to merge, undo or delete automations that are no longer useful. 


  Advanced management features include editing automations with new values for action type, worksheet, and workbook.  Managing file locations for automations is another feature, in case any changes are in error. 

  Ensuring the quality of automations in use is enabled by retroactively checking the automations performed for errors, in OCR, Image Recognition or form inputs. 

Automation Management is the backbone of the overall process of implementation of automations throughout an enterprise.

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