10 Uses for Cortana for Excel

A demonstration of a prototype of officeAutomata with Cortana

Hey everyone! Here's a brief demo of a new project I've been working on. Using Excel can be tedious and frustrating so I've created an easier way to communicate and automate parts of my own work, something I've dreamt of for a while.

This demo uses officeAutomata (for memory and actions) integrated with Windows Cortana (for voice controls). Below is a list of the main actions shown in the demo.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and any suggestions for actions you would like Cortana to do for you.

The featured actions in the demo include:

1. Load Workbook

Loads any workbook in Cortana's memory, if you don't want to go searching for it.

2. Voice Control On/Off

Turns off and on the speech recognition, in case there are other conversations going on.

3. Keep Leading Zeros in Clipboard

Keeps all the leading zero's in a copy and paste, from any format; used for account numbers, phone numbers, etc.

4. Automatic Macro Recommendation

Auto-generates and recommends macros to assist you in workbook development based off your previous work.

5. Copy Visible Cells

Copies only the visible cells, ignores all hidden rows and columns.

6. Redo Copy

Redoes the last copy that has been canceled by Excel due to any input.

7. Finish Worksheet with Clipboard

Finishes a worksheet with the clipboard data based off any previous sheet in Cortana's memory.

8. Load History

Loads the memory file/audit trail of Cortana in Excel for review.

9. Jokes

Tells jokes about Excel (there are many).

10. Save and Close

Saves and closes the workbook.


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