Working with Cortana in Excel

Hey everyone! Here's a brief demonstration of how I've been using Cortana in Excel for my work.

This demo uses officeAutomata (for memory and actions) integrated with Windows Cortana (for voice controls). Below is a list of the main actions shown in the demo.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and any suggestions for actions you would like Cortana to do for you.

The featured actions in the demo include:

1. Copy to the end of a column/Paste at the end of column

No need to scroll down, just have Cortana find the end of the column for you.

2. Autofill Series

Autofill a series of numbers to the end of the next row.

3. Create Macro

Create a macro of the past few actions for Cortana to remember.

4. Enter text into a cell

Say what you want a cell to contain.

5. Get the current date

A function to get the current date.

6. Copy and paste values

Copy and paste of value of a cell and not the function.

7. Fill down (or any direction)

Tell Cortana what cell to fill to.

8. Insert Checkmarks

Insert the special character checkmark where you need them.

9. Create email

Create a new Outlook email from different cells and their values.