7 More Uses for Cortana in Excel

Hey everyone! Here's another brief demo using officeAutomata. Based on feedback from viewers of the previous video, I’ve developed a new way to use Cortana to add functions to your workbooks.

This demo uses officeAutomata (for memory and actions) integrated with Windows Cortana (for voice controls). Below is a list of the main actions shown in the demo.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and any suggestions for actions you would like Cortana to do for you.

The featured actions in the demo include:

1. Load my last Workbook

Loads the last workbook used in Cortana's memory, if you don't want to go searching for it.

2. Show me what I did last

Shows the last 3 things you in that workbook

3. Where was that pasted from?

Tells you which workbook & worksheet a copy/paste came from.

4. Ask for help

Ask about functions and learn how they’re used

5. Get help creating functions

Have Cortana walk through creating functions with you

6. Apply formatting from worksheet

Apply all the formatting based off any previous sheet in Cortana's memory.

7. Undo

Undo any command that you gave Cortan