Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Another business sector that officeAutomata is looking to expand into is the Knowledge Process Outsourcing market.  After Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing would be the next most prolific market for our software.  We believe this could be another industry whose products would be transformed with automation as AI moves up the value chain.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a branch off from the market sector of Business Process Outsourcing with more emphasis on outsourcing unique knowledge and expertise to companies that require additional value creation, cost reduction or have an employee shortage of qualified experts in unique fields of study.  The KPO business sector is defined by companies who employ subject matter experts in specialized fields to produce esoteric data material for clients. KPO’s serve an important function of streamlining important information and adding value to products with the quality of the information provided.

Our systems, could optimize the methodology of these companies to streamline their work process in order to reach and maintain more clients.  The product of Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies is information. OfficeAutomata can be used to lower the cost of the services of our customers through the optimization of development processes.  We can reduce overhead and streamline the processes that KPO’s use to create their products and services while adding value by reducing turn around and reusing proven methods in all sections of our client’s company’s production system.