officeAutomata Updates


Over the last couple months, officeAutomata has been developing new products & capabilities and we are working hard on an official release.  After interviewing and evaluating with our current customers, officeAutomata has decided to expand our focus. We are pivoting from our Microsoft Excel focus, based on feedback from Chief Technical Officers and Chief Operating Officers in Business Process Outsourcing companies.  We will keep technical support for our Excel products and wish to thank all those involved in testing for their support over the years.

Our new product will be enterprise focused and very much like our previous products will aim to streamline & automate processes and cut down the time needed to accomplish tasks.  To go along with this release, we’ll be updating our official site to reflect the company’s new market focus. Our aim continues to always be five steps ahead of the crowd. We hope all of you keep us in mind and stay tuned as we send out updates on our next move.

Jeremiah Jeschke

 Founder, CEO & CTO officeAutomata