New Focus...

Technology has transformed the office space that many people are used to seeing and imagine still exists.  As the prevalence of technology grows, less paper products in the form of documents, statements and profiles are being used.  Instead these forms have turned digital and the benefits to this are endless, but the work remains somewhat the same. Data from online forms or paper documents still needs to be collected, sorted, cataloged and the information taken off of them and transformed into usable data. This digitization has created an online workforce and has allowed the work to move to places where the labor can be competitive on the online marketplace.   

 Business process outsourcing is the utilization of lower labor costs, lower corporate income taxes and technology to outsource tasks.  These tasks can be in support of a business, such as a customer support representatives, and billing administration, or in the creation of business products through software development.

 BPOs can usually fall into two categories that are defined by what kind of tasks they specialize in and they are usually called frontend and backend office tasks.  Frontend tasks have to do with customer service, tech support, marketing and sales. Backend tasks have to do with administration, logistics, collections, receivables and procurement.

 The new market focus for officeAutomata is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, primarily those based is Southeast Asia.  Southeast Asia is home to many growing countries whose markets and living standards enable BPO’s to thrive. Our goal is to help BPO’s stay competitive in an environment where automation is changing how many companies do their business. We’ll do this by simplifying automation of repetitive back-end office tasks performed on documents, sheets, web and desktop, and enabling management to easily find new processes to automate.