Case Studies

officeAutomata is in the process of consulting, giving demonstrations and running trials for several companies in accounting, Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, data entry, data migration and data Reconciliation. Businesses look at officeAutomata’s software because of our ability to offer simple solutions in a unique way that solves more problems then companies realize they have.

Unlike other RPA tools, officeAutomata gives users all the tools they need to succeed, not just some of them. officeAutomata’s automation software solutions enables companies to give themselves a competitive edge in their market. This is done by increasing the work load they are capable of handling or decreasing the time it takes to accomplish simple tasks.

Automation removes manual data processing tasks from your employees day. This creates effective timesaving processes while also reducing costs.

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Use Case

MC Payments transacts $50m annually, needs to automate 3 million chargeback, payout & settlement, and merchant onboarding transactions on their online payment gateway, while also gaining visibility of employee activities in different countries.


  • Captured the daily actions of 8 users to precisely map business process to be made into automations.

  • Assisted in the setup of an Automation department with key lead individual to manage the tracking and future automation development of the company

  • Allowed for the discovery and documenting of key productivity behaviours such as staff hours worked, staff hours idle, level of staff activity, and number of user activity events per user/per day

  • Deployed automations and user behavior tracking reporting for the entire organisation 

  • After a full deployment of centralised tracking of user activity and engagement in HQ, will deploy throughout their 4 offices in South East Asia.