Track and Automate tasks across different desktop applications 

  Gather user workflow data to enable Automation to perform desktop, task bar and any desktop application related operations. Manipulate tabs, menus and windows. Copy and paste functions. Extract data from applications to your preferred output. Perform custom functions in Microsoft Office. Manage, send, receive and sort email boxes.


Features and tools of automation for desktop Tasks

Desktop user workflow tracking includes all applications that are run on the desktop including...

Remote Desktop Tracking

Track Remote Desktop user workflow through remote connections established with officeAutomata.  

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Suite of applications includes a number of interfaces that have specilized user interactions to be tracked.  


Track users interaction in SAP ERP and FICO. Automate exporting reports, inputing data and monitoring.                     

Microsoft Excel

Track users interactions in Excel Workbooks to automate data procesing. Use customized functions and voice commands through Cortana to assist productivity.

File Tracking

Track files changes throughout your systems. Monitor directorys for changes and attach automation triggers.                

Microsoft Outlook

Costume built features for Microsoft Outlook help manage, send, receive and sort email boxes.


How it works

  Integrations means that all desktop programs on the desktop are capable of producing process data that can be captured by the automation process.  OfficeAutomata watches and records all users actions taken on the desktop, learning from the actions taken, and provides automation when it has learned enough.


Connecting the dots between processes and applications

  If you are coping a few fields from an application and pasting them into another application , importing sales data from an Excel spreadsheet and filling out an online form, it is already time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. It is time to automate this process. The question is not if rule-based tasks should be automated, but what does it take to automate them?
  An Excel macro is a good start, but how can you fill data into another application? Even a simple macro requires programming knowledge, and you do not want to involve your IT department in simple tasks. Many businesses and IT processes are affected by repetitive, rule-based tasks that involve manipulation of the software of various applications.

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