TRACK AND AUTOMATE TASKS Through Documents and Images

  Gather user workflow data as they interact with documents, PDF's, checks or images to enable automation. Use system wide tools such as OCR capture or Image Recognition to to perform document related operations. Copy and paste functions. Extract data from documents to your preferred output.


Features and tools of automation of Documents and Images

Data Tracking

Track the movement of document data from documents to applications or web pages/forms/applications through copy and paste actions. 


Optical character recognition is a tool that converts handwritten, typed or printed text into usable information.  

Document Viewer

View documents, PDF's, checks and images through a fast interface for users. Open entire image directories, save or edit documents.                  

PDF Extraction

Directly extract text and images from PDF to train the AI on data type and locations for automation.  

Image Recognition

Image recognition enables the identification of documents, PDF, checks or images in user workflow to enable AI identification of simular documents during automation.

Text Analysis

Text analysis, text mining or text data mining is a tool that helps extract information from text.         


How it works

  OfficeAutomata records users workflow actions on documents, PDF's and images through the use of officeAutomata's tools. Some tools like OCR can be done system wide by creating a box around the text or image through a CTRL-click & drag. Data movement from documents to web and desktop application is captured system wide. 


AI-powered software layer between corporate back-office workers and common business process applications.

As processes change over time, officeAutomata’s AI adjusts accordingly, and intelligently. The system also encourages and facilitates best practices as it adjusts, so it helps train and re-train workers as tasks evolve over time.

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