Simplified Automation for enterprise processes.


The focus for our enterprise services are small (10+) businesses, to large companies, with a daily workload that includes hundreds of processes per employee. 


officeAutomata provides a decisive competitive edge to enterprises by reducing time spent on redundant computer tasks and passing the savings on to you

Simplified Pricing


 Reduce your costs by 75% Guaranteed  


It can be hard to estimate the cost of Robotic Process Automation. Few advertise pricing and even when they do it can be difficult to figure out Your costs based on THEIR GUESSES. 

Our AI learns the exact time it takes to complete a task from your users' process data, enabling us to directly pass the savings of automation on to you. For example, if a task takes your employee an hour to accomplish and our AI learns how to automate that task, then the price of the AI would be 25% of the employee's hourly wage.  

Working Smarter.  

what officeautomata can do for the enterprise market. 

More Features

Our enterprise services include all the features and tools that we have developed to date. Enterprise customers are first in line for new developments.  


More Options

 Interested in our enterprise services? Then you’ll want to know more about the options available to you with our Automation.  Check out what our free trials, demonstrations and pilot programs can do for you. 

More Support

OfficeAutomata is enterprise focused.  We offer consulting and employee training to help get Automation started in our company.  

Take advantage of all our capabilities to fully utilize Automation by officeAutomata.  

The process

  The process begins with having an integrated automation vision.  

  It begins with the realization that technology is converging on a point of minimizing digital redundancy.  This means computers and bots are the employees of the future. 

  When you commit to officeAutomata Automation, we commit to providing you a service and the strategy to implement it within your company.


OfficeAutomata wants to reinvent how work gets done in your company.  

  To do this we need to get a feel for how work gets done now, so that we can redesign how work should get done with Automation.  Demonstrations and trials are important for us and for you.  When we demonstrate our automation with your data, processes, servers and systems, you get proof that intelligent automation is accessible to your business.  For us, after your demonstration, we will be better able to understand how to implement Automation in your company. 

Digital implementation Strategy


  To fully utilize officeAutomata's Automation, consider taking advantage of all of our capabilities.  One facet of utilizing officeAutomata utilizing officeAutomata is using our implementation strategy. 

  We want to make our software part of your success story.

  We want our consultants to help you redesign your companies work process with officeAutomata Automation.  This help includes a implementation strategy, training, goals and a step-by-step plan.

What our strategy provides you

After our demo, we will develop a personalized road map for your company, to make the implementation process as easy as possible.  This road map forms a strategy to guide your company.  We give your company goals within the process to accomplish along the way so that you can see progress.  Every company is different.  Companies have different data, processes, systems and servers; so we develop a tailored strategy that is unique for your business.

The strategy

Step-by-Step Plan

A customized plan, where we show you how to automate your company processes. From the implementation process to complete automation, we show you the way.


Both our company and yours will have goals to achieve while implementing Automation. Everything can be managed on a timetable within the step-by-step plan.


Our people will be available to you to work out any unexpected kinks and streamline the implementation process. 


Free Trials

We let you use some of our Automation tools free for a limited period. This is a lite version of many of the services that we provide. Free personal trials are the individual service that officeAutomata provides and is available to everyone. 


You provide us a process and data and we automate is for you using our AI bots.  We offer you a variety of options in order to give you that demonstration.   OfficeAutomata is capable of in person or online demonstrations but requires some advanced notice and schduling.  

Pilot Programs

We come to you for a period of time to use our software. We automate part of your company at a fraction of the cost of full installation.

Learn more and ask us question about our Enterprise Services.