Cortana can help you automate your work Excel. Tell Cortana what to remember for later, or Cortana can learn from you what repetitive actions can be done quicker. 

  • Tell Cortana to learn something important (i.e. build a macro)
    • Say: Save the next few actions
  • Save the Macro
    • Say: Save macro as <name>
  • Use a saved Macro
    • Say: Run macro <name>
  • View & run saved Macros
    • Say: Show me all my macros
  • Or Save previous actions
    • Say: Save the last <number> of events
    • Or: Save the last few 


Cortana will offer suggestions as she learns from your work. If she has a suggestion, ask "What do you have?" and Cortana will show you in a pop-up. If you, want her to do the action, just say, "Yeah, go ahead", or if not, "No, don't do that".

  • View smart macro
    • Say: What do you have?
  • Do action
    • Yes, go ahead
  • Cancel action
    • No, don't do that