cognitive AI automation

AI's are built with data. Lots of data...

  Right now, your systems have the data required to power AI's, but that data is not being captured or retained.  

  We begin with capturing all user process data, on how a user interacts within the web, desktop, applications, static documents & images.  Our software runs in the background of your desktop and takes the process data from your employee's computers. It's silent, invisible & works on all processes.

  This data is saved on YOUR systems to feed into deep learning models to create automation routines based on your users best practices. With enough data the AI can begin to automate processes on its own, or at the users or management's discretion, giving options to approach tasks in different ways.  It continues to gather process data on itself to ensure the quality of it's automations.

  This is bottom's up automaton. Saving you from defining your requirements and processes up front. Get the data to the AI and let it define your processes for you.  

Automation begins Here


  This is where the process data is taken from.  In order to record workflow, each part of the users system is configured to capture data, some with unique system tools (web scraping, OCR) or unique AI capabilities (image recognition, text analysis). The other features or tools at work in those locations also enable the process data to be captured and sent to the AI database.


  • Web Tracking

  • Web Form Inputs

  • Web Scrapping



  • Application Tracking

  • File Tracking

  • Remote Desktop Tracking


  • Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook


  • Document Tracking

  • OCR

  • Image Recognition

  • Text Analysis

  • PDF Extraction


Automation Management 

Tools available to oversee processes, tasks and deadlines.  Enable the distribution of automation, control group access, view live data streams, track AI learning and the schedule automaton processes or set triggers.