AI process Discovery For Automation

officeAutomata’s RPA tools are augmented by Process Discovery’s production of flowcharts which help produce Intelligent Automations.

Just like User Tracking and Intelligent Automations, AI Process Discovery works in the background to support business processes. Using the same information created from the database created by User Activity Tracking, AI Process Discovery takes this data and organizes it into functional information.

Process Discovery on its own is useful. Process Discovery working together with User Tracking and Intelligent Automation is optimized to bring the best Robotic Process Automation tools to any growing enterprise.

Supplementing Processes


Because User Activity Tracking runs in real time and constantly updates the database that AI Process Discovery uses. This allows AI Process Discovery to live etream updates to process flowcharts and automation diagrams. Allowing real time user event logs to be track and influence processes and automations in the making.  


OA’s AI Process Discovery traces all computer-based work processes and finds the most viable flowcharts. With a complete diagram of those processes, it makes understanding those processes easier by showing the most efficient paths. This helps extend the reach of User Tracking and Intelligent Automation by uncovering hidden process opportunities.  

Expeditated AUTOMATION Creation

Process Discovery can be used create fully functional automation workflows. Either manually alter process flowcharts or allow Process Discovery to find, optimize and send the flowcharts to the AI builder to be automated. Maximize automation development with minimum need for human intervention by allowing Process Discovery to run unimpeded.  


Tracking and Database

User Activity Tracking is the information system that creates the database that AI Process Discovery uses to order information, establish trends and find patterns. Process Discovery requires user data to work and User Tracking creates that database of user event logs.

Ai Process Discovery from DataBase

Process Discovery creates the diagrams and data flowcharts that arranges the steps that OA’s RPA tools use to generate Intelligent Automations.

Intelligent automations rely on the data collected from users. Automations are built on the the information from databases created by User Activity Tracking and Process Discovery builds the road maps those automations take to preform tasks.


Automaton from Ai Process Discovery

One of the hardest tasks when using any marketed RPA tools is the inventiveness required in creating effective data pathways for automations to follow. AI Process Discovery takes the creativity out of the equation and bases the automations on hard data directly from the users based on information collected by the tracking tools and the understanding of trends taken from Process Discovery.

AI Process Discovery is a single part of OA’s greater automation vision and supports that vision by producing understanding and being able to convey that understanding onto the tools that create Intelligent Automations.