Discover and Reveal work Processes

Process Discovery (or Process Mining) broadly defined is software and algorithms applied to event logs to find patterns, trends and details recorded by information systems and contained in data bases.

OfficeAutomata uses User Tracking in conjunction with AI Process Discovery to understand processes. On its own Process Discovery can help improve work efficiency by supplying an in-depth analysis of the steps taken to preform a task.

Process Discovery delivers the ability to manage processes and provides an informed road map on how a task should be completed.



On its own, AI Process Discovery is able to tell which steps are necessary and which are unnecessary to complete a task. It can create detailed direction to old and new tasks. Process Discovery can give factual information and details about work processes and the actions taken to complete tasks.

This is beneficial to those looking to improve efficiency by organizing only the necessary steps of a job into a understandable plan. It can also help those who wish to look back at their work processes to determine billable hours.


Data analysis is a detailed examination of the informational elements and structure of user events. This is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the intention of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.   


Know the necessary and unnecessary steps in completing a task. Interpret in a particular way or gain a different perspective on processes. Turn complicated events into comprehensive plans.    


Create automation flowcharts, process diagrams, task completion road maps. Find the quickest path between the beginning and end points in completing a computer based task. Management through computer work processes by analysis, understanding and direction.