Discover and Reveal work Processes

Process Discovery (or Process Mining) broadly defined is software and algorithms applied to event logs to find patterns, trends and details recorded by information systems and contained in databases.

OfficeAutomata uses User Tracking in conjunction with AI Process Discovery to understand processes. Used independently, Process Discovery can improve efficiency by supplying in-depth analysis of each step of a task.

Process Discovery lets you manage processes more simply and provides an intelligent road map on the best way to perform a task.



AI Process Discovery can tell you which of the steps in a task are necessary or unnecessary. It can provide detailed direction for old and new tasks. It gives factual information and details about processes and actions taken by users.

This allows organizations to improve their efficiency by eliciting only the necessary steps and providing a plan.


Create automation flowcharts, process diagrams and task completion roadmaps. Identify the quickest route from beginning to end in each task.   


Learn the necessary and unnecessary steps for completion of a task. Gain a new perspective on processes and their interpretation. Complicated events now become comprehensive, solvable plans.    


Data analysis gives you a detailed examination of all informational elements and structure of user events. This process entails inspection, cleansing, transforming and modelling data in order to uncover useful information and conclusions. This supports better decision-making as a company.