Discover AI-Powered Process Discovery

Understand and map your business’s work-based processes

No human intervention or guidance required


Digitalization Requires AI

Documenting workflow processes traditionally requires manually watching users, which is time-consuming, costly, and error prone. AI Process Discovery eliminates these shortcomings by unobtrusively tracking each user and then providing a map of the tasks required to complete each work process.

AI Process Discovery Benefits

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Discovers the root causes of bottlenecks, process deviations, and performance losses

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Provides complete process visibility and identifies the most efficient workflow paths and discovers opportunities that may have been overlooked

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Eliminates the need for external Process Consultants to identify processes and variations


Employs Users Event Data to define processes which can be automated and locates where IT infrastructure should be upgraded

  • Detailed Data of User Processes

    • Removes the need to manually map out work processes 

  • Process Metrics

    • Utilizes hard data to make recommendations

  • Events within each Process Variation

    • Provides recommendations for team training, infrastructure improvements, and automations

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OfficeAutomata Cost Savings

On average organizations can to reduce each total process cost by 15% after completing their process discovery with OfficeAutomata. Understand the current work patterns and then optimize the workflow


Save costs and office hours through workflow optimization. Map and identify processes that could be improved by user training, software improvements, and automation.

Our AI Process Discovery requires minimum human guidance and:

    • Eliminates the need to manually build an in-depth understanding of your team's work processes 

    • Deploys and trains the AI On-Premise 

    • Provides individual user activity tracking and analytics 

    • Is process and procedure neutral

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