officeautomata release Notes


Date 11/26/16

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Date 11/20/16

  • Separated officeAutomata processes from Excel, now runs in System Tray
  • Minor admin fixes
  • Fixed performance issue with cell selection change

Date 10/27/16

  • Added Fill up, Fill down, Fill right, Fill left Auto fill
  • Added insert checkmark
  • Added create email
  • Added Undo Macro
  • Added multiple undo options
  • Fixed Undo errors
  • Added Go on mute

Date 10/9/16

  • Fixed license issue

Date 10/5/16

  • Added Highlight Value Function
  • Fixed Voice dictation issues
  • Fixed column/row range issue

Date 9/28/16

  • Added confirm for Clear Worksheet
  • Added Console View
  • Fixed processing view
  • Fixed workbook memory question
  • Fixed new workbook/sheet names

Date 9/20/16

  • Admin Changes
  • Fixed Time Saved
  • Added Walkthorugh Supertips
  • Added Shut Down Button
  • Added processing

Date 9/6/16

  • Fixed DB add for macros
  • Custom Functions Fixes
  • Highlight Fixes
  • Streamlined Run Macro
  • Fixed Borders and Font record/undo

Date 9/2/16

  • Decreased Sensitivity on voice recognition responses
  • Added multiple undo's
  • Added Redo
  • Fixed Cortana sleep function
  • Added intructions on Welcome workbook
  • Improved main walkthrough speech recognition
  • Added Change Cell function
  • Improved mini-walkthroughs
  • Chat fixes
  • Changed Mic status to Listening/Processing

Date 8/23/16

  • Added Time Saved Tracking
  • Added Relative References

Date 8/20/16

  • Added Walkthroughs for all functions
  • Walkthrough Fixes
  • Sound/Mic Tracking Fixes

Date 8/10/16

  • Walkthough Fixes
  • Mic Status Added 
  • Status Button Fixes

Release -
Date 8/2/2016 

  • Walkthough Fixes
  • Trial License Issue Fixed
  • Voice Command Learning Fixes
  • Vlookup Improvements
  • If statement Improvements

Date 7/26/2016 11AM EST

  • Added command variations to functions

Date 7/24/2016 4AM EST

  • Added phrase Cell Value "..." for internal cell value matching
  • Fixes to IF statements
  • Fixed Trial License issue

Date 7/21/2016 1PM EST

  • Adjustments to Speech Viewer
  • Fixes to Walkthrough
  • Fixes to Vlookup
  • Ribbon buttons/menu cleanup 
  • Performance fixes to speech recognition 

Release -
Date 7/14/2016 EST 12AM

  • Fixed more Voice issues
  • Added Voice Input Viewer
  • Added Remove empty rows/columns
  • Added Cortana sleep function
  • Added LUIS (MS) integration
  • Added more walkthrough functions

Date 6/21/2016 EST 12AM

  • Fixed Walkthrough
  • Added Select <cells>
  • Added Highlight the unique items
  • Added Count the number of <value>
  • Minor Changes to vlookup

Date 6/3/16 EST 4AM

  • Added Speech Recognition Alternate
  • Added Cortana waits if workbook is being edited
  • Workbook Open error handling
  • Macro Copy error repair
  • Undo Repair

Date 6/1/16 EST6AM

  • Minor Fixes to Memory
  • Add Show Updates Button
  • Minor changes to trial and license

Date 5/26/2016 9amEST

  • Minor Repair

Date 5/25/2016 12pmEST

  • Addition error handling for speech recognition
  • Added vlookup column from range
  • Added walk-through memory
  • Enabled real-time macro names to Cortana vocabulary
  • Added ability to interrupt Cortana speech
  • Changed Cortana voice from pausing Excel
  • Reset officeAutomata will now show status in status bar
  • Minor changes to walk-through to match recent fixes

Date 5/21/2016 5am EST

  • Repairs to Speech Recognition

Date 5/20/2016 7am EST

  • Added command Paste with Values
  • Added command Copy <cells> through <cells>
  • Added phrase "Save the next few things" for saving macros, removed "Save this" (too generic)
  • Added Macro Checkbox for phrase "can you show me all of my macros?"
  • Added response if no smart macros are available
  • Added Columns and Rows for Sum
  • Fixed functions Left and Right for help
  • Fixed Concatenate for Combine Cells <cells> through <cells>
  • Added Close Excel, Close Workbook, Save and Close Workbook; Removed Save and Close
  • Fixed loading workbook names from memory
  • Fixed loading new Macro names on restart excel
  • Added more phrases to leading zeros
  • Minor improvements to Undo
  • Changed Switch worksheet to "Switch to worksheet index <number>"
  • Added phrases for AutoFit in help
  • Minor changes to find data
  • Fixed "Restart officeAutomata" message
  • Fixed an SQL event update issue

Date 5/18/2016 7am EST

  • Fixed Voice Recog pause issue
  • Fixed name recognition in intro
  • Fixed Updater
  • Changed Smart Macro display system

Date 5/17/2016 2pm EST

  • Added help options for find data, finish formatting, finish worksheet
  • Added mute icon changes for voice
  • Added help support for macros
  • Changed macro saves to checkbox form

Date 5/13/16 12pm EST

  • Fixed Help Questions
  • Optimized Help NLP
  • Minor changes to functions inputs 

Date 5/11/16 3am EST

  • Reduced lag on Mute
  • Core Library Updates
  • Added mute on Cortana speaking
  • Added Help NLP
  • Changed vlookup in walkthrough

Date 5/2/16 5am EST

  • Added database load on start
  • Minor changes to Help function
  • Minor changes to Vlookup
  • Minor changes to Clear formatting

Date: 4/30/16 1030am EST

  • New installer attached
  • Fixed other installation issues

Date: 4/22/16 7am EST

  • Fixed "Can you help me ...?" voice control
  • Fixed Quick Commands Menu
  • Add info to Quick Commands Menu