Senior Developer


The Senior Developer is responsible for assisting in designing, coding and modifying the officeAutomata platform, from layout to functions, according to a planned specifications, and strives to improve the officeAutomata platform in ways that are beneficial to the customer.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Provide technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance our existing Microsoft based systems.
• Identify opportunities that can improve efficiency of development processes.
• Investigate and resolve application functionality related issues and provide first level support and troubleshooting of our officeAutomata platform
• Coordinate application development for multiple sub-projects.
• Assist with application installation and testing.
• Assist with planning and delivering current and future officeAutomata platform versions.


• Expertise and hands on experience with Desktop Applications and the programming languages F# , C# and XML.
• Functional knowledge or hands on design experience with Visual Studio and VSTO (including Excel interop) is needed to be successful in this position.
• Candidate should have an understanding of Conversational User Interfaces, SRGS schemas, Finite State Machines and training language models


F#, C#, .NET, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Machine Learning, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), XML, Excel, SQL, Conversational User Interfaces, Verbal Communication, Security Principles, Functional Programming (including Pipeline, Actor & Reactive styles)

Other Considerations:

• Remote Only
• Overseas Travel Availability Required
• Salary Negotiable