User Activity Tracking for Automation

officeAutomata’s User Tracking optimizes our RPA tools by collecting and tracking all the information from user’s event logs. This is the first step in creating Intelligent Automatons. The capabilities of User Tracking to live stream and create audit trails means that Automations can stay up-to-date.

   User Activity is the first step into the greater automation picture, which will raise ROI by decreasing time spent on repetitive tasks.


AUtomaton Triggers

Automations can run independently or when instructed. To run Automation on a singular basis, it’s simple using our management tools. If an Automation needs to run when a specific event occurs, User Tracking can suggest a prompt to the supervisor or the Automation team.


To ensure the security and accuracy of the information processed to AI Process Discovery and Intelligent Automations, our software is installed locally. The local software database in officeAutomata is updated in real time. This provides the AI the ability to suggest changes to current automations.

Using information from the User Tracking database, AI Process Discovery puts event logs into road maps and sends those to the RPA tools to form Intelligent Automations.