User Tracking tools

User Activity Tracking works on its own as a administrative tool for employee supervisors. It enables managers to see employees complete computer tasks and increase the visibility of an office’s productivity. It allows managers to monitor and directly influence computer based work.

Being able to collect event logs enable our software to do two things; create a database for automatons and User Activity Tracking. This is installed on local company servers to protect PII and intellectual property.

User Activity Tracking is like any other market place tracking tool except it works based off of user events and not just application tracking and timed screenshots. This allows real time tracking of users.

How It works

Event Logs

Event logs are relevent user activity and contextual actions. Application location, file location. These are a necessary resource that provides information to OA software.      


OA's User Tracking, monitors users on any system, database or computer that OA is installed on. To ensure security of the businesses using OA, the software is installed on local servers.    


All computer based operation, procedures, or event activity can be tracked. Activity is tracked through desktop applications, document maniplulation and web browsing.      


Management Tools

These tools allow managers to directly admistister to employees on computers.

Audit Trail

Audit trails are a security, organizational and accuracy account relevant to chronological records. This provides documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation or procedure.   

Live Stream

This is the ability to monitor activites as they are happening and show work being done. This ability enables managers to administer direct supervision to employees as work is happening.   

Productivity Graphs

These graphs allow managers to produce accurate, visual reports on employee output and productivity. Supervisors can compare producitivty between projects, employees and departments.      

Historical events are important event logs that are time stamped in order to keep them organized according to a processes time frame. This enables the tracking of the order of tasks and events to better fit task time tables.