There is a multitude of possible use cases or business solutions using officeAutomata’s software. Unlock the potential of any business in any sector by removing inconvenient, time consuming labor from employee tasks. Find solutions for problems plaguing finance, insurance, supply and logistics, telecommunication and high tech.

Missing Piece

OA’s software could be the missing piece to companies looking to find areas to conserve resources. Automating business practices allows companies to control how work is done and who does it, whether its a live person or software algorithms.


Best Fit

Find where OA can fit in your business practices by ask questions about your business. Find what tasks are repetitive and can be done by a computer and software. Find the solutions to our business problems in automation.

Removes repetitive tasks from your employees day, creating effective timesaving processes and a rewarding work environment while also reducing costs and turnover


Automate common and repetitive customer service requests. Many customers ask for simple changes to plans, billing, or address changes. This can add up to hours of manual input from employees, which detracts from moving onto helping or retaining other customers. Simple inputs from customers can start automatic process that ask questions, gain information and do the required tasks that the customers need.


Accounting and Financial Services

Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessing and managing threats to an organization's earnings or resources. Much like customer service, triggers are attached to events and the needed automatic process begin when triggers are activated. These automatic process could be activity alerts, warnings, daily P&L preparation, bank statement reconciliation and help creating financial plans.



Claim Processing can be sped up by automating the processes of collecting information from the parties involved, importing customer information through field mapping and scanning documents for relevant information. This can eliminate hours of click work and data entry from an employee’s day by setting automatic processes to follow repetitive steps and setting the correct parameters.


Business Process Outsourcing

Many BPO’s are involved in back-office customer account creation and maintenance. By automating the process of taking customer information and creating accounts, this eliminates a lot of the required work being performed. Processes can also be in place to maintain customer profile and accounts by responding to changes and keeping information up to date. Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a subset of BPO and shares many common business solutions.



Many parts of demand prediction and supply chain optimization can be automated by taking manual input processes that demand immediate attention letting software do the work. Inventory, shipment, scheduling and loading can be expedited through software assistance and data maintenance and checks. Companies collect data which often can go unused. Automation can help discover processes and trends in data, and deliver relevant information.