User Activity Tracking

Employees generate event logs from activities as they work. Usable data from event logs can be tracked, monitored and collected on local servers. Identify User productivity in real-time via live stream as data is collected from users.

User Tracking works independently as an administrative tool. It can also be used in conjunction with Process Discovery and officeAutomata’s RPA tools to create Intelligent Automations.



Build an extra security barrier by filtering activities and creating alerts in User Activity Tracking. Set work parameters and generate halt capabilities while alerting managers to certain actions.      

Prevent Data Loss

Data loss can be negligible with a local system that tracks user activity. Avoid information loss with software-enabled retention of all tasks and processes.    

Workplace Visibility

Increase visibility of employee work productivity and habits. Work processes, performance and output will be more transparent. An open office leads to more efficiency and better operation.    


Management Tool

Lower costs by monitoring and directly managing employee productivity on computer based tasks. User Activity Tracking provides a suite of tools to administer direct supervision onto employee computers.


Tracking allows managers to monitor productivity as well as creating a database of information for AI Process Discovery and Intelligent Automation.

Combine User Tracking with RPA tools to create a database that enables the generation of Intelligent Automations from the data flow of user events.


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