Track and Automate web based tasks and processes

Collect user process data from web searches and tasks in order to automate them.  Every mouse click and web search is recorded and sent to the AI database for training.  With enough process data, tasks will be able to complete themselves.

Automation for the web is composed of several features that are brought together in order to streamline web based tasks and processes. Some features are unique to the web and others an element of the complete Automation process.  


Features and tools of Automation for web tasks


Web Tracking

Track user web history and current activities on the web, exchange of information and tasks, web pages, clicks, links, page visits.  

Web Form Input

Track input to web forms and applications by users. Track all copy and paste functions and the original source of the data.    

Web Scraping

Extract large quantities of structured data from webpages or forms. Import this data to applications, documents or Excel.   


How it works

It works by using a bottom up approach and large data capture. officeAutomata observes and records all web user actions, learning which actions are performed. From this knowledge it provides automation routines. The tools and features in this location extract the process data that enables automations.



Data process capture happens in the background as tasks are completed. Each process in those tasks is recorded for later use. When enough processes have been recorded, certain tasks will begin to self-complete with or without prompting. 

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